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Life, Experienced: a new podcast by Ethan D. Smith
Life, Experienced is a podcast about the experiences of listeners like you
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Return to the Church at Pine Ridge
Return to the Church at Pine Ridge
Follow the Moon's Chapel Missions team two years after "The Church at Pine Ridge."
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The Church at Pine Ridge
See Ethan's latest video project about Moon's Chapel Baptist Church's recent mission trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
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Minds of Their Own: Women, Science, and Equality
In this video produced by Ethan D. Smith, women's issues in STEM fields are explored with input from college students, professors, and university professionals.
Thermodynamics: What is it?
In this video, Ethan takes to the college campus, asking students and professors their thoughts on Thermodynamics.
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Professor Etiquette
This video, produced for NC State University Housing , shows professor interviews about what they consider good practices when interacting with professors on a college campus.
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Functionalized Cellulose Nanocrystal Nanocomposite Membranes with Controlled Interfacial Transport for Improved Reverse Osmosis Performance – Nanomaterials, January 2019

In January of this year, I became a published scientific author for the first time. The project spanned a little

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